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Elvira Claude
Elvira Claude
My legendary power

My legendary power

My legendary power

I had a power

In a previous life I remember


I could jump to the sky

I could fly over the trees

I could speak my mind up

I could connect to people easily

I could talk to animals

I could read people minds

I could play with fire

I could fall several times a day

Without fear without an injure

I could run with all my lungs

I could drown my eyes crying

I could scream my heart out

I could hold anyone hand

I could kiss anyone cheek


Then I grew up

My legendary power

I don’t have it anymore

I have skills now, habits


I can smoke with all my lungs

I can drown myself drinking

I can pretend not seeing anything

I can be invisible

I can lock myself behind walls

I can be anyone else but me

I can burry my feelings

I can burry myself


I had a power

I don't have it anymore

I burried my legendary power