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Elvira Claude
Elvira Claude
You were born to bloom

You were born to bloom

source: blendergoodies.com

source: blendergoodies.com

Bloom dear, let you bloom my dear
Beautiful flowers you will wear
Bloom my dear, don’t you fear
Life gave you enough to bear

Bloom my dear, it is your full right
The earth is with you, it is alright
Bloom dear, it is your responsibility
The world needs your fragrancy

Bloom dear, you have that power
Don’t you mind your disgracious thorns
Bloom dear, please give us a flower
Blooming is why you were born

Bloom dear, you are part of the garden
Yes, the other plants are strong and beautiful
But like them, you are alive and graceful
And just as you, they have their own burden

(This poem is for the people who seek their purpose in life and ignore their capacities.

Let's think of ourselves as plants)